Frequently Asked Questions


What fees are associated with the data imaging?

The base fee for data imaging and incident reporting is $2250. See fee schedule for additional services.


What is the average turn around time for the data imaging?

Two to four weeks after the modules have been received. Expedited services are available for faster turn around time.
See fee schedule.


What can I expect to receive after the imaging is complete?

The data imaging and incident report will be delivered via e-mail in a PDF format. Also, the original signed report and the modules will be shipped back to the intended recipient.


What modules need to be removed from the truck?

Most Mack vehicles contain two modules necessary to perform an imaging, the Engine Electronic Control Unit (EECU) and the Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (VECU). Since approximately 1998, Mack trucks have had the capability to monitor and record accident related data. If an incident vehicle is close to a 1998 model please call to verify the EECU/VECU capabilities.


What is the process of extracting the information?

There are two types of imaging available, on-site imaging and bench-top imaging. See below for more information on each type of imaging.


What is an on-site Data imaging?

An on-site imaging is performed while the modules are connected to the incident related-vehicle. This is the preferred method for extracting data because it will preserve the integrity of the recorded fault codes.


What is a bench-top Data imaging?

A benchtop imaging is performed at either DELTA |v| or Mecanica facilities. A bench-top imaging will result in the creation of multiple new fault codes. However, the integrity of the incident log data will not be affected by the creation of the new fault codes.


Can the process be repeated once the data has been extracted?

Yes, the same data can be extracted multiple times.


What kind of information is included in the report?

The report includes information related to the incident such as: Vehicle Speed, Engine Speed, Service Brake Status, Park Brake Status, Cruise Control Status and Engine Brake Status. See a Sample Report for a comprehensive list of the information included.

Where do I ship the modules?

In 2008 Mack Truck, Inc. designated two service providers to handle the data imaging services. See the Submit a Request form to determine which service provider will handle your imaging.


How do I pay?

Once your request for services form has been submitted, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to pay and process your download. Currently we are accepting checks and credit card payments.